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What causes house fires?

House fires are caused by a lot, and when you get insurance on your house, the company will look for factors that may be fire hazards when they are calculating your quote. Forces of nature and freak accidents happen, but there are some causes of house fires that we want work to prevent.  These are some of the most common causes of house fires.


While adding mood setting lighting, romantic scenery, and soothing aromas, candles have a way of bring a bit of magic to a home. However, they are a potential fire hazard. It doesn't take a lengthy explanation as to how candles cause fires, but we will take the time to offer fire preventative tips.  For starters, if you don't want to contact the insurance adjuster, then make sure your candles are burning safely from flammable materials and objects. Also, make sure that the candle is on a sturdy, stable surface.


Most smokers partake in their cigarettes and cigars while inside their home. They do this out of convenience and habit. However, most smoking-related fires begin in the living room of homes. This is an easily avoided hazard. Simply smoke inside, properly discard your cigarettes, and don't smoke near flammable materials and substances. If you use ashtrays, invest in an ashtray that uses sand. Also, using water to soak the remnants of the cigarette will reduce fire hazards by preventing the ashes from reigniting.

Heaters & Heating Equipment

Space heaters are the second leading cause of fires in households. They are handy appliances, but they shouldn't be overworked for large spaces. They tend to overheat and short out, which cause fires to start. Keep them distanced from flammable materials and substances.


Cooking related fires are the single highest cause of household fires. Grease fires can happen in a flash, and if you are careless with dish towels or potholders, they can catch fire if too close to open flame.

Faulty Wiring

While it is a leading cause of house fires, faulty wiring is easily overlooked and often unnoticed. Flickering lights, circuit breakers flipping, and electrical sockets that spark or have burn marks around them are all warning signs of faulty wiring. If you experience any of these, contact a professional electrical specialist before you reach out to an insurance adjuster.

These are a few of the main causes of house fires that may cause damage to your home.  If you have suffered property damage caused by fire, you may want to file property claims in Orlando with your insurance company.

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